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a) Kurikulum 2013

Meliputi 6 bidang pengembangan:

1. Nilai Agama dan Moral

2. Nilai Sosial Emosional dan Kemandirian

3. Nilai Kognitif

4. Nilai Bahasa

5. Nilai Fisik Motorik

6. Nilai Seni


b) Metode Montessori

“When the Children had completed an absorbing bit of work, they appeared rested and deeply pleased. It almost seemed as if a road had opened up within their souls that led to all their latent powers, revealing the better part of themselves. They exhibited A Great Affability To Everyone, put themselves out to Help Others, and seemed full of good will.” (Maria Montessori)

1. Philosophy of Montessori

· Absorbent Mind

· Sensitive Periods

· Prepared Environment

· Follow the child

· Individual Differences

· Concrete to Abstract

· Hands on Learning

· Control of Errors

· Freedom with Limits

· Respect the Child


2. 5 Key Learning Areas of Montessori

· Language Area

· Mathematics Area

· Sensorial Area

· Practical Life Area

· Culture Area