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Key English Test Cambridge Assessment SMPI Al-Hamidiyah

Kamis, 15 Februari 2024 Oleh Irma Rahmawati 295 kali

On Saturday, February 3, 2024, Grade 9 students of SMPI Al-Hamidiyah in Depok, Indonesia, undertook the Key English Test (KET) administered by Cambridge Assessment. The KET is an internationally recognized examination that assesses individuals' proficiency in the English language, covering listening, reading, writing, and speaking skills.

Under the guidance of dedicated educators and through their own diligent efforts, the students of Grade 9 at SMPI Al-Hamidiyah displayed commendable determination and commitment throughout the examination process. Their participation in this assessment not only demonstrates their enthusiasm for language learning but also underscores the school's emphasis on fostering well-rounded educational experiences.

The successful completion of the Key English Test represents a significant milestone in the academic journey of these students, highlighting their growing proficiency in the English language. This achievement not only reflects their individual capabilities but also the collective dedication of the school community in promoting language education.

SMPI Al-Hamidiyah extends congratulations to all Grade 9 students for their hard work and dedication in undertaking the Key English Test.